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Casio Ex-Word English/Spanish Dictionary

Casio Ex-Word English/Spanish Dictionary


1. English—Spanish. Oxford Dictionary . Approx. 300,000 words and phrases; 500,000 translations
2. Spanish—English. Oxford Dictionary Approx. 300,000 words and phrases; 500,000 translations
3. Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary English—English. Monolingual, 183,500 words, phrases and definitions; 780 illustrations.
4. LAROUSSE Gran Diccionario de la Lengua Española. Spanish—Spanish Monolingual,
5. Britannica Concise Encyclopedia. 25,000 articles, approximately 2,700 pictures.
6. Oxford Thesaurus of English. 600,000 synonyms and antonyms
7. Oxford Collocations Dictionary. Collocations for 9,000 nouns, verbs and adjectives. 250,000 word combinations.
8. Oxford Idioms Dictionary. More than 10,000 idiomatic expressions. 50 illustrations.
9. Oxford Phrasal Verbs Dictionary. More than 6000 entries.
10. Oxford Learners Wordfinder´s Dictionary. Some 630 key words with approximately 31,000 related words. 470 illustrations.
11. Practical English Usage.
12. Oxford Business English Dictionary. Entries: more than 30,000 words, phrases. 40 illustrations
13. Oxford Guide to British and American Culture. Approximately 9,000 entries and 30 illustrations
14. Multilingual Word Bank and Phrasebank (Glossary) French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and English.
Approximately 17,500 terms, 5,500 phrases


1. 100 works of Literature
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3. Download text from your computer onto a memory card for viewing with your Casio
4. View and study words that you have recently looked up.
5. Calculator
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